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WE DO IT ALL...Complete Solar Home Heating

A Professionally Installed Solar Water Heater System Offers Many Benefits Including an Installation Warranty. The installation is at least 30% Paid for by the Federal Tax Credit!

Harnessing the sun s energy to heat water makes $ense, after all, it is one of the oldest uses of solar energy! Reduce or eliminate hot water heating energy costs with a solar water heating system.

Our Solar Heating System Services include:
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heaters

    Our products promote the use of solar energy - a clean, renewable energy source used in place of traditional water heating systems in order to decrease heating expenses and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.

    Choose Centennial Construction for your solar power needs. We have many local solar heating references in the Springfield MA area.

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    Solar heating, also called solar thermal, harnesses the sun's energy, can also be used to heat your pool!


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