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In 1973, three years after serving two terms in Vietnam with the Marine Corps, I took a job as a roofer in 1973 with my father-in-law, John B Chicklowski of Springfield. This was long before power ladders and nail guns. I was paid by "piecework," earning $6.00 per square (three bundles of shingles).

My father-in-law specialized in two family homes - the roofs were higher and he made more money that way.

After about three years of banging nails, I realized there were no old roofers. It occurred to me that roofing was for younger men, and I decided right then and there to find some other phase of construction in which to specialize.

I began working for the city of Springfield as a painter, painting city-owned properties, like the Municipal Hospital and various fire stations. I enjoyed painting enough to start my own painting business in 1976, and Centennial Construction was born.

I painted about 15 houses in the Hill McNight and Mattoon Street neighborhoods and would also do any necessary repair work, such as rebuilding porches, replacing railings and house trim and moldings. I disassembled front porches and had them chemically stripped and reassembled the porches. If moldings were missing, I had the replacement parts custom milled. I discovered that I really enjoyed carpentry.

I gave up painting because I loved carpentry work. I loved seeing the fruits of my labor and I was good at it. I spent the next twenty years building additions, building garages, jacking up porches, remodeling cellars, kitchen and bathrooms.

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